Arturo Houtgast

Arturo Houtgast

A young and really (old) Italian mopeds lover

Ciao Arturo, tell us something about you

Ciao, my name is Arturo Houtgast. I am an 18-year-old boy form the Netherlands and I am a really (old) Italian mopeds lover. 

It all began with my dad. He always loved old cars and cause of that, my brother and especially I felled in love to. My brother is 1 and an half year older then me and before he gets 16 he got an old italian moped from our parents. It was an really beautiful Garelli Tiger cross wich is now restored by him. 

So before I turned 16 (to get my moped driving license) I was already searching for a moped which I could get for my 16th birthday too. Then, in the evening in my bed, I found an really rare Oscar F84 sport (export) on the internet and I was bidding on it (without telling someone of the bid ;-). The day after I got an e-mail back for wich price it would be sold. So I turned to my dad and showed him the moped and I was asking him what he thinks of it. I live in Zeeland and the moped was standing in Groningen (where my uncle lives). My dad founds it OK to pick the moped up if we could go to my uncle to, cause the drive takes 3/4 hours. And happily my uncle was at home that weekend and I made an appointment. 

A few days later we go to there and when we where arrived I saw the gorgeous moped and I felt in love. It looks so much better in real live then on the pictures. This was my first moped and I still love it. I think I am never gonna sell it. 

When have you been afected by the “Virus” of historic bikes?

I already had the old car virus since I was really young but now I got the virus of the old Italian mopeds to. Just especially that design of the Italian mopeds are so good and beautiful no one can beat. I slowly searched and I got to know more and more about the old mopeds. Now I do know a lot of models and brands that a lot of people in the Netherlands not know. 

Wich brand has taken you more?

I do not really have a special brand that is my favorite, but I like Oscar, Bianchi (super sport), Gabbiano, Italjet, Aprilia (colibri), Ducati (SL1/2), fuchs (sprint), testi, guazzoni, malanca, Milani, Mondial (cross), moto Muller sport, Rondine, Tecnomoto and Vivi (special sport). 

If I have to make my top three of models I think I should choose now for the Oscar F84 I have, Aprilia Colibri in dark red.

My dream moped is the Gimk Cross (look at ‘Stoltes Showroom’). I have never seen this moped in real, but that design is Georgios and so apart. But there is never find a second one. I hope to get my hands of it ever in the future.  (take a look at ‘Stoltes Showroom‘ on the Internet).

Taken from

Wich brand has taken you morAccording to you, how much the restoration change the value of motorcycles, new pieces rather than original parts?

I believe that the value of the original mopeds can rise. I just wonder what that will be like in the future, when they continue banning old-timers. Because in the Netherlands there are already areas where you can no longer drive. I think that is of course ridiculous.

Wich brand has taken you morAs a RIDER Italian Classic Tire , wich advice you want to give to a person who comes today in the world of historic bikes? Do you have any sugestion for the First motorcycle to get?e?

In my eyes, the mopeds in original condition with the original (first) paint are the most beautiful and worth the most. But apart from that, I also like new restored mopeds. But try to keep it as original as possible! Can’t find the parts? then a new part is not such a very big problem. You can then at least ride it, and who knows you might come across the original part. With personalized mopeds you have to be lucky if you ever want to sell them. Because not everyone likes that style in that style and not everyone wants a ‘non-existent’ model. You often spend more on the moped than you get in return. I just think you shouldn’t just change an original moped with other parts, I think that’s a shame for the moped itself. But if you do it anyway, I hope that the parts that have been removed will be placed on the internet so that someone else can make his moped original again. For the rest, I think it is very nice to restore a moped with new beautiful parts. Especially if the moped was no longer original anyway. And please handle your moped with care! 😉

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